New service line – health care

An acute-care hospital received state approval for a pilot sub-acute clinical program (transitional care unit, or TCU). Hired as project manager, we blended our expert clinical and financial consultants with the hospital’s leaders and guided facility design and construction, IT selection and implementation, staffing plans and recruitment, leadership development, performance measurement and training of a clinical team of physicians, nurses and therapists. The project yielded the on-time, on-budget opening of a clinical service that improved the hospital’s bottom line by more than $1 million and won praise as the finest example of this service in the state. (See “Transitional Care Unit Implementation” brief.)

Merger – early childhood

Several urban settlement houses wanted to merge their Head Start and Child Care programs, which served families with similar backgrounds but were managed separately. Serving as project manager, we gained approval from the mayor’s office and Federal HHS and built support from the settlement staff, City contracting agencies, parents, unions and trade associations. We included these stakeholders in planning and implementation work that merged the child care programs completely and served as a model for integration elsewhere in the US. Benefits included a common year-round calendar, longer hours of service, unified classrooms, better trained staff, common intake and placement processes, support services for all families, universal parent involvement, merged licensing and consolidated contracts and budgets.

Technology implementation – public assistance

The nation’s largest public welfare program was in the midst of a failed implementation of a new enterprise IT system. Playing a leadership role, we stopped the project and identified reasons for failure, including lack of commitment among agency managers, poor understanding of the new system, no performance measures, inadequate training, little technical assistance, restrictive computer programming and a wildly optimistic roll-out schedule. We created an implementation campaign that involved scores of managers and staff, developed project leaders, set performance targets and measures, provided training and technical assistance, added hardware and reprogrammed software. We rolled the campaign out to all 60 field locations, meeting the new schedule while protecting client benefits and reducing errors.   

Acquisition – health care

A 120-physician multi-specialty pediatric practice serving a regional children’s hospital wanted to expand its reach by acquiring community practices. We served as the acquiring agent, identifying practices for acquisition, completing due diligence and negotiation work and organizing closing and integration activities. The acquisitions increased revenue for the acquiring practice by 15 percent, added significantly to the margins for both the acquirer and acquired, and enabled the acquired practice to continue its tradition of providing high quality community care without financial worry.

Facility closing – health care

An urban healthcare system decided to close one of its hospitals because of cost and service concerns. Playing an oversight role, we created an action plan that included targets for cost savings and patient retention, operations restructuring, personnel changes, and commitment among administrators and physicians to the project’s success. The plan engaged physicians, staff, patient groups, unions, state regulators and community leaders. The hospital closed within a week of the original schedule and on target for the number of physicians and patients retained and the cost savings. 

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