IMPLEXpartners implements major changes, improves financial and operational performance, and strengthens organizational culture for clients in health care, human services, housing, community development, transportation, financial services, performing arts and other areas.


  • Align leadership teams around new strategies and implementation methods
  • Organize implementation campaigns
  • Serve as project manager for major projects  
  • Build implementation capacity within client organizations


  • Redesign service delivery for higher growth, efficiency and quality
  • Revive struggling operations 
  • Rebuild personnel, budget, revenue cycle, IT and other support systems
  • Establish performance measurement and management processes


  • Develop agile leaders and leadership teams 
  • Build competency and commitment
  • Improve teamwork and customer service
  • Strengthen mindsets and behaviors
  • Create staffing strategies to enable strategic and operational progress

We draw from a comprehensive set of tools including…

  • Strategic planning
  • Financial and operational modelling
  • Budgeting and financial controls
  • Staffing models
  • Breakthrough, lean and other reengineering processes
  • Dashboards and performance management systems
  • Leadership team alignment 
  • Leadership assessment and development
  • Executive coaching
  • Employee, customer and other survey research
  • Value, behavior and mindset change processes
  • Competency modeling
  • A variety of training programs, and other tools